Jean Marie's Chippewa Valley School of Dance

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Dance lessons are $36.00 per month.
Payable the first lesson of each month.

There will be a late fee if the lessons are not paid by the tenth of each month.

Pre-dance 1/2 half hour lessons

Dance classes are 45 and 50 minutes or as needed. Once a week, on a regular day and time.

For Fall classes it is best to register early.

We plan and form our dance classes as needed for our new and returning dancers that are enrolled.


Tap / Ballet Offering dance lessons at an affordable price. Our Classes are the normal dance class size, placing 8-10 to a class often some classes may be smaller depending on age dance experience class and time available.

We offer special ongoing Twinkle Star young dancers class half hour lessons.

Tap Ballet Song/dance and more. Starting new classes when our time and new little dancers can be worked in. (More advanced dancers Jazz ~ tap )

Payment / Banking / Using Zelle

Jean Marie’s Chippewa Valley School of Dance has added Zelle to the dance school bank account. To use Zelle a convenient way with no fee or cost to transfer payment from your account to another it is very easy to add Zelle, go on line or at your bank. Zelle is user friendly with your phone number and or email addresses, Zelle does the rest.

To transfer to the dance school once you have Zelle on your account at your bank, you just use the dance school cell phone number. 715-723-8635.

Most banks accounts allow you to use Zelle. If your bank does not have Zelle, you can still download the Zelle app onto your device and just input your Visa or Mastercard debit card.

You can read more about Zelle here:

If you prefer to make payments with check or cash at dance class, please do so. (I have talked to many people who use and really like using Zelle with family and friends.)

Liability Waiver (similar to and is required by all dance schools).

I understand being the the parent and legal guardian, that dancers participating in any dance class rehearsal or performances, there is a possibility of injury and by registering my child / children I voluntarily agree to assume all risks and responsibility for any such injury or accident, which might occur to me or any person I may bring along to the dance school classes, rehearsals recitals or any dance school events.

I have read and agree that in participating in Jean Marie’s Chippewa Valley School of Dance; requires dancers’ safety first, no run around at dance class rehearsals and recitals that could create a possibility of physical injury. Jean Marie’s Chippewa Valley School of Dance its owners, agents, volunteers, assistants, employees, guests, faculty members, and/or students are free from any and all liability claims.

Having read the liability information provided Jean Marie’s Chippewa Valley School of Dance. Upon filling out and submitting, the dance school registration form for my child / children, that I am the parent / legal guardian that I accept and acknowledge the Waiver and Acknowledgment of any possible Risk.